Sons and Lovers

Sons and Lovers

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Overall themes:
• Special mother-son relationship. Includes Pauls inability to love other women. Oedipus Complex.
• Class Classifications, lower class, middle upper etc
• Treatment of women.
These themes occur throughout chapters 10 and 13.
In chapter 10, we see the Oedipus complex relationship between Paul and Mrs Morel on the first page of the chapter when Paul receives a letter which explains he and won and sold his painting. Mrs Morel opens the letter, highlighting that Paul has no privacy in his life from his mother. Mrs Morel then announces that “I knew WE should do it”. Although it is Pauls life and work, Mrs Morel attaches herself to everthing her son does and is involved in.
Also, P wants to give the money he earned from his painting to his mum. Everything he does is for her.

On pg 300, Mrs Morels negative feelings for Miriam are expressed again. Hates M and does not want Paul ‘wasting’ his life marrying someone who she believes is not good enough for him. This can be interpreted differently, some might say she is just being protective mother but the way Mrs Morel is portrayed… hint of jealousy.

Class Classification and status is another major theme in chapter 10.
On pg 296, Mr Morel is shocked at the price his sons painting was sold for and says “20 guineas for a painting”. This shows that he can’t comprehend that someone would value a painting to that extent. His character is representing the lower class of that time who didn’t really understand and know about arts value.

Another point where the differences between classes are displayed is on pg 298 where Paul states to his mother “I don’t want to belong to the well-to-do middle class.” As Mrs Morel is very hung up about always striving to be in the better class, she is horrified that her son is content with being where he is. This also shows us that Paul is contemplating his stand in the world and analyzing his life and after this deciding for himself that he comfortable...

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