Statistics Term Paper

Statistics Term Paper

Term: Winter Quarter 2009

Assignment for Course No: MAT 300

Submitted to: Dr. Robert E. Schwerzel


You are a college student trying to reach your goal of obtaining the coveted Bachelor's Degree and you discover that you are required to take a Statistics Class. So, first of all you aren't very good in math and secondly, you don't understand why not only a statistics class but a DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS class is required for a BA with a concentration in Human Resources. What does "Human Resources" have to do with Statistics? The writer of this term paper will attempt to describe how important descriptive statistics is involved in many aspects of Human Resource functions.
How Statistics Relates to Human Resources
Statistics are a part of our everyday life. It would be impossible to go through a full week without coming in contact with some type of statistical information. Some of the most common examples of descriptive statistics would be political election predictions, Nielsen's TV Ratings, sports analysis and most recently a hot topic in the news would be the recession mainly focusing on unemployment rates in the United States.
According to the textbook, Statistics is defined as "collection of methods for planning experiments, obtaining data, organizing, summarizing, presenting, analyzing, interpreting and drawing conclusions based on data" (Saltzer, B.) The purpose of descriptive statistics is to provide a clear calculation of raw data such as margin of error, probability, sample sizes, mean, standard deviation and population information.
Descriptive statistics are very important in order to understand the events that surround us especially in the business world along with the economic condition of our country. Business operating expenses and sales calculations are critical in the everyday function of an organization. The most critical statistics related to operating expenses is the base salary costs associated with the...

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