Strategic Planns of Companies

Strategic Planns of Companies

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UCLA School of Public Health

Strategic Plan
School of

Public Health

UCLA School of Public Health
The UCLA School of Public Health was established in 1961. The School enters its 5th decade in a strong position with 200 faculty members (70 full-time), 600 students (400 masters level and 200 doctoral level), and 200 staff. Students receive state-of-the art public health training from distinguished experts in the field of public health combined with practical, hands-on experience. The School’s classrooms and laboratories are under the same roof as UCLA’s world-renowned hospital and medical, dental, and nursing schools, and just steps away from the University’s social and physical science facilities and the schools of engineering, law, management, and public policy. The School is also enriched by its location in Los Angeles, where a melting pot of cultures, industries, and urban issues provides unparalleled opportunities for research, teaching and service. The School’s Southern California location also provides students and faculty with a unique opportunity to be involved with cutting edge health care issues as many of the health system changes currently sweeping the country have origins in Southern California.


The UCLA School of Public Health has achieved much success over the last forty years as an independent accredited school of public health (from 1946 to 1961 UCLA was part of a University of California system-wide School of Public Health). The challenge for the School is not only to maintain its nationally and internationally recognized stature, but to advance to even higher levels of success. In order to facilitate this advancement, I initiated a strategic planning process in the spring of 2001, shortly after joining the School as the new dean, recognizing that a strategic plan would be a vital tool in charting the future direction of the School. The planning process, while critical for defining the future of the School of...

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