Sustainability of Sweden

Sustainability of Sweden

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Sweden: Sustainability May 6, 2008

Sweden has been a major contributor in creating one of the most sustainable countries in the world today. According to the State of Responsible Competitive 2007 report, “Sweden has the world’s most responsibly competitive companies.” This report grades countries based on corporate responsibility issues such as environment, climate change, anti-corruption and human rights which are all essential parts of national sustainability practices (Environmental Leader, 2007). The three main dimensions of Sweden’s sustainability that contributes to its national success are ecological, economic, and social sustainability.

Ecological Sustainability:

An important aspect about Sweden is its effort for national environmental development toward the future. Sweden has been a huge participant in the conservation of natural recourses, which include a wide involvement in implementing “greener” and more sustainable companies. “Use of renewable energy in Sweden has grown from 7 percent in 1970 to a current level of 25 percent” (J.J. Bunyan, 2006). The United States produces half its electrical energy from coal and 20 percent each from nuclear and natural gas. Compared with Sweden, which relies heavily on Nuclear and hydro electrical power which both supplies roughly half its nations power each. (Mark Landler, 2007). This has earned Sweden the number four spot on the environmental sustainability index, far above the United States coming in at number 45 (Hamish McRae, 2006). As of 1991, the Swedish government has imposed the world's first carbon tax, a startling one hundred U.S. dollars per tonne and twenty-five dollars a tonne for more economically friendly companies. The carbon tax limits the fossil fuel emissions and funds government aided environmental programs (The Age, 2008). Another one of Sweden’s new industries is leading the way in the use of renewable timber resources as a carbon-neutral fuel and...

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