Syllabus of Mit

Syllabus of Mit

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[4 0 0 4]

1. Introduction: Database System Applications, Database systems versus file system, View of Data, Data Models, Database Languages, Database users and administrators, transaction management, Database system structure, Applications Architecture. [4 hours]

2. Entity-Relationship Model: Basic Concepts, Constraints, Keys, Design Issues, ER Diagram, Weak Entity Sets, Extended ER features, design of ER database schema, reduction of ER to schema. [6 hours]

3. Relational Model: Structure of relational databases, Relational algebra, Extended relational algebra operations, Modification of Database, Views, tuple relational calculus, domain relational calculus. [6 hours]

4. SQL: Basic structure, set operations, aggregate functions, null values, nested sub queries, views, complex queries, modification of Database, joined relations, data definition language, embedded SQL, dynamic SQL, Query by example. [4 hours]

5. Integrity and security: Domain constraint, referential integrity, assertions, triggers, security and authorization, authorizations in SQL, encryption and authentication.
[6 hours]

6. Relational Database Design: First Normal Form, 2nd Normal Form, pitfalls in relational database design, functional dependencies, decomposition, desirable properties of decomposition, Boyce-Codd Normal form, 3rd normal form, 4th normal form. [6 hours]

7. Object Oriented Databases: need for complex data types, object oriented data model, object oriented languages, persistent programming language. [2 hours]

8. Object-Relational Databases: nested relations, complex types, inheritance, reference types, querying with complex types, functions and procedures, object-oriented versus object-relational. [3 hours]

9. Storage and File structure: overview of physical storage media, magnetic disks, RAID, tertiary storage, storage access, file organization,...

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