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Guns in Schools Team Debate
Team C
BCOM 275/Business Communication and Critical Thinking
June 24, 2013
Michael Medoro

Guns in School Team Debate Paper

On December 14, 2012, twenty-six people – 20 students and six adult – were shot and killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut (Sandy Hook, 2013). This horrific tragedy caused alarm among Americans all over the world. How it possible for someone to go to a school and commit such a violent crime; how can we keep our children safe? Because of the incidents Americans are beginning to wonder, “Do we need guns in our schools.” Parents are concerned about their children when they leave home to go to school and teachers are worried about someone from the outside coming into the school to cause them harm.
American citizens are feeling less safe time every time they turn on the news and see that some new tragedy unfortunately has occurred involving someone depressed, mad or mentally ill with a gun in his or her hand. There are many pros to this situation. Each form of institution or business has their own ways of dealing with security but what about college campuses?
With more and more lunatics appearing what seems like every day, college campuses could be a large target for American born terrorists. "Almost every college that has looked at this issue feels they can do a better job of protecting their students by banning guns on campus and taking responsibility to provide good security.” (Flesher, 2007) It is a location is heavily concentrated with unarmed people. With the media basically making the shooters famous, each one always wants to top the last. What would be more detrimental than ending the lives of people that are preparing themselves to make a difference in the world?

Some University Code of Conduct has a strict weapons policy that states: “Possession, keeping or use that carelessly, recklessly or intentionally harms or intends to harm another...

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