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Term Paper -- Questions To Ask Yourself as you prepare your final draft. These are the questions used by Professor Thompson in the evaluation of your paper.
I. Questions on Organization:
a. Does the essay have a coherent plan?
b. Is the plan followed out completely and logically?
c. Is the plan balanced, and does it serve the purpose of the essay?
d. Are the paragraphs within the essay well developed?
II. Questioning the Quality of Information:
a. How insightful, original, well presented is the thesis of the essay?
b. Are the arguments or main points of the essay well supported by explanatory and/or textual references?
c. Is the thesis carried to its logical conclusion?
d. Are the issues raised in the paper discussed in a way that matters for life together in the presence of God?
III. Questions related to Analysis:
a. How well does the essay respond to the assignment?
b. Has the essay made explicit use of the critical methods?
c. Are the critical observations developed?
IV. Questions about Mechanics:
a. Is the writing pleasing to the reader?
b. Has the final draft been sifted with a fine tooth comb for grammatical, spelling, usage, and errors of punctuation?
c. Are the sentence structures effective?
d. Does the essay use words precisely? Does the essay use words in a delightful or original fashion?
A Describe from Luke’s Gospel, how Jesus presented his teachings
through Parables.

B Discuss the meaning and relevance of Parables to the belief and
life of Christians today.

C Are these Parables still relevant today?

(A) Describe from Luke’s Gospel, how Jesus presented his teachings
through Parables

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