The Coca Cola Company Stories

The Coca Cola Company Stories

The Coca-Cola Company

Greg Bourque, Miller Van Fossen, Aretha Hargrove,
Doreen Stith and Wanda Velez

PHL 300 – BBA 3124 Applied Ethics

David F. White, Jr., MDiv., MA ABD

Workshop Five

May 5, 2010

Table of Contents
I. Introduction    3
II. The Summary    3
III The Timeline    3
A. The Beginning    3
B. The Coca-Cola Name    4
C. The Look and the Brand    5
D. The History    6
IV. The Cases    8
A. The Contamination Scare    8
B. The Competitive Issues    9
C. Racial Discrimination    9
D. Burger King – Frozen Coke   11
E. Channel Stuffing   13
1. Reparation   13
2. Reparation   14
F. Distributor Problems   16
G. International Problems   17
H. Sale of Trade Secrets   18
V. Current Situation at Coca Cola   18
VI. Conclusion   19
VII. References 20
No matter where you go in the world, no matter what language you speak, everyone knows “Coke”. Coke is the universal word and symbol for a soft drink. At face value Coke looks like a multibillion dollar corporation, who has it all together. At a closer glance Coke is a company that has major ethical issues.
The Summary
We know Coca-Cola Enterprises is known worldwide for its nonalcoholic beverages, it has also taken the lead in social responsibilities. Its many education programs and donations to colleges and universities have set it above most corporations. Coca-Cola also puts its money
where its mouth is by opening its employment doors to the scholarship students it sponsored.
What else do you think about when you hear the name Coke? What about Coke being a nice place to work. What about Coke being eco-friendly, doing no harm to the environment. How about trusting that the product will be consistent – a product upon which to depend. To obtain these positive public...

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