The Effectiveness of Asbo's and How Anti Social Behaviour Can Be Improved Within Gateshead.

The Effectiveness of Asbo's and How Anti Social Behaviour Can Be Improved Within Gateshead.

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The effectiveness of ASBO’s and how anti social behaviour can be improved within Gateshead.

1) Terms of reference

An investigative report into the effectiveness of ASBO’s in Gateshead. The report will look at how well ASBO’s
are working to reduce anti social behaviour and recommendations will be suggested on how to improve anti social behaviour within Gateshead.

2) Procedure

The report used the following procedures to carry out the investigation.

2.1) Questionnaires to youths under 16 (see appendix??)

?? Questionnaires were distributed to youths attending a youth club in Felling once parental permission had been gained. The questionnaire asked the youths their thoughts on the effectiveness of ASBO’s, how they are perceived; activities for youths in the area and opinions on anti social behaviour. ?? Questionnaires were completed and returned.

2.1.1) Questionnaire to officials (see appendix??)

?? Questionnaires were distributed and handed out to officials working within Gateshead to tackle anti social behaviour. The questionnaire considered issues such as their role in tackling ASB, ASB within their local area; the effectiveness of interventions and ASBO’s in tackling ASB within Gateshead and multi agency working.

2.2) Interviews

Three face to face interviews were conducted at convenient times and places. The interviewee’s were contacted via telephone (please see action plan appendix??).

2.2.1) David age 16, from Sherriff Hill was interviewed about how and why he was given an ASBO, how it made him feel and how effective he thought ASBO’s worked

2.2.2) James age 16, from Leam Lane was interviewed on his ongoing ASBO, how it has affected him in is usual behaviour and his opinion on how effective ASBO’s are as a form of punishment for ASB.

2.2.3) Ricky, age 18, from Beacon Lough was also interviewed on his on going ASBO. He was interviewed on what happens when you breach the conditions...

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