The Game of Office Politics

The Game of Office Politics

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What lesson(s) or significant information about Office Politics did you learn from researching and writing your paper, that will be of value to you in your professional life?

The game of office politics is common and inevitable in any organizational environment. The term “office politics” are strategies that people employ in order to gain an advantage either professionally or personally. Positive office politics are termed Networking or Stakeholder Management which are crucial to an individual’s career. When used in this manner, office politics helps an individual in accomplishing goals by establishing resources and influences by building coalition with effective people. On the other hand, the term gets a bad rap due to people who employ these strategies at the expense of others or the greater good which in turn can negatively affect the morale of the office environment. I have learned that ultimately finding the right balance in maintaining good office politics may be tricky since people have more power than others and that advancing in the career ladder is important to everyone however, office politics that calls for ruthless, dishonest and unethical behavior may not be worth winning.

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I know that I need to always be on the alert for the good and the bad. I also know that it is not always wise for me to speak my mind, even if I do so respectfully. A hard thing for me will be to sit back and say nothing when I feel things are unfair. I feel like the older I get, the more fed up I am with things and can no longer sit back and be quiet. I try to refrain from these urges because potentially they could result into a loss of a job. This is why I always try to maintain good relationships with everyone, whether I like them or not. I keep in mind that I only have to deal with them at work and when I'm off, I don't...

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