The Importance Of Working As A Team In Law Enforcement

The Importance Of Working As A Team In Law Enforcement

TO: Sergeant
FROM: Police Officer Trainee
SUBJECT: The Importance Of Working As A Team In Law Enforcement
DATE: July 2014

Henry Ford said, “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Great teamwork is the difference between success and failure, and that truth spans across all professions. Law enforcement is a very serious, dangerous, and vital necessity in society. Without the trust, camaraderie, loyalty, and the unspoken bond that envelopes teamwork in law enforcement, chaos would run rampant amongst gun-toting, justice-doling, freedom controlling individuals who would probably be getting killed faster than a replacement could be found. Job performance, morale, and retention also depend on teamwork. In this criminal justice academy, working alone would severely reduce the ability to learn as well. When you work alone you tow the brunt of the workload and there is no one with a shared context to challenge your performance.

Peer pressure can be a powerful force to face, but it can be positive or negative. If you work as a team and respect each other you will not want to let everyone else down. Everyone needs someone to lean on at some point or another, and the motivation from a team can help everyone succeed and endure the lack in motivation that you may encounter on days when you are not performing your best. If this academy class is presented with a major obstacle to overcome, like our legal issues test coming up, and we all decide to break off and study on our own to prepare, there is a greater chance the majority of us will fail without the teamwork and encouragement from each other.

When someone is faced with a major assignment and they have to complete it alone, it may feel like the assignment is taking forever to complete. We all tend to think about the time we have been spending on our work in measurements of time elapsed and not the time we have all invested as a whole in this...

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