The installation notes of the mobile toothed roller crusher

The installation notes of the mobile toothed roller crusher

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The mobile toothed roller crusher is widely used in ores, coal, metallurgical and other industries, because of its advantages of the high crushing ability, high safety, high efficiency, low energy consumption . When the customers want to use the mobile toothed roller crusher ,the first thing is to install it,whether the installation is correct or not directly relates to its normal running.Now,let's know about the installation notes of the mobile toothed roller crusher as follows.

1.Before installing
Before installing the mobile toothed roller crusher, you should inspect the entire device comprehensively checking and cleaning, to see if there are any damage and missing parts, and then check the base load, its dynamic coefficient is generally 6-8 times the total weight . Proofread whether each foundation bolt coincide with the dimensions of each component of the device or not, and then install the crusher.

2.During installing
1. When installing the stander,pad the hard wood or rubber between the frame and the concrete foundation beam or floor beams, to reduce the load vibration that the machine body acts on the basis .After the stander is corrected,fix it with the belt.

2. When installing the baseframe , which is generally made of the casted iron machine base, but sometimes it is made of the casted steel or rolled welded steel.Due to the strength and stiffness requirements of the baseframe,when installing it,you should keep the baseframe level and not hammer the baseframe with a heavy hammer.

3. When installing the roll, you must make a toothed roller teeth in the middle of another toothed roller teeth, namely,making it on the intersection of the diagonal of the four teeth of another roll .Morerover,the two toothed mouths curved teeth-side should be consistent with the direction of rotation.

After all the components of the device are installed according to these considerations , you should check all the parts again.If they are correct ,and then...

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