The Introduction Of Py Spring Cone Crusher

The Introduction Of Py Spring Cone Crusher

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Description´╝ÜPY spring cone crusher is the traditional spring-type cone crusher. The PY spring type cone

crusher my company produced is at the foundation of "standing on the shoulders of giants" to absorb

the world's advanced spring type cone crusher technology on the success of high-performance spring-

type cone crusher machine.
Field of application:
Industries: metallurgical industry, construction industry, road building industry, chemical industry and

phosphate industry, etc.
Material: iron ore, copper ore, limestone, quartz, granite, basalt, diabase, etc. can be applied.
PY spring cone crusher mainly consists of frame, fixed cone assembly, moving cone assembly, spring

mechanism, bowl-shaped frame portion and a shaft drive and other components. Its secondary part, by

the electrical system, lubrication system, and hydraulic clean cavity system.
How it works:
PY spring cone crusher Cone, is given by a cone and a dynamic cone composition. Motor through the

fluid coupling, small bevel gear drive big eccentric bottom bevel gear, the eccentric sleeve rotates,

causing the cone as spin swing. In moving closer to the cone of the cone section, where the material by

moving cone extrusion, impact and bending. When the movable cone away from the cone, the cone is

broken material from the bottom (fixed cone and fixed cone composed of) discharge the discharge port.

Performance advantages:
Low investment and high returns for sand making machine.
The models can be continuous operation, the material crushing and discharging alternately, no interval,

can reach a maximum production capacity of 340 tons per hour, high production capacity. The model

uses a laminated crushing principle, the kinetic energy consumption, low energy consumption, low

operating costs.

Crushing rate and product size is good.

The model uses a laminated crushing force uniform and case materials, broken in its most...

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