The Master Plan of Evangelism

The Master Plan of Evangelism

The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman introduces in our efforts to fulfill the great commission of Christ, we need to constantly evaluate the objectives and relevance of our work. We need to focus our attention on a well-thought-through strategy of movement day by day in terms of long range goals - everything we do must have a purpose. This is an attempt to see the controlling principles governing the movements of the Master in hope that our own labors might be conformed to a similar pattern. Since form follows function, this is a study to understand principles underlying Jesus' ministry - principles that determined his methods.

Christ is the perfect example. His objective was clear: He intended to save out of the world a people for himself and to build a church of the Spirit which would never perish. No one was excluded from his gracious purpose. His love was universal - he died for all sins and all people; to him there was no distinction between home and foreign missions. To Jesus it was all world evangelization. Never did he lose sight of his goal - to redeem the world for God. We need to carefully consider his strategies, for he conceived a plan that would not fail.

It all started with Jesus calling a few men to follow him. His concern was not with programs, but with men whom the multitudes would follow. None of the men Jesus chose seemed to be key people. They weren't prominent in the synagogues, educated, or wealthy. They were unlearned and ignorant, but Jesus saw in them the potential to be leaders in the Kingdom. They weren't the men you would expect to win the world for Jesus, but they were teachable. They had a yearning for God and the realities of His life. Jesus can use anyone who wants to be used.

Having called his men, Jesus made it a practice to be with them. This was the essence of his training program - just letting his disciples follow him. This was an incredibly simple method and stood in stark contrast to the...

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