The Modeling Hypothesis

The Modeling Hypothesis

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LING2037 1st Tutorial Assignment Kan Ching Yeung 2006671045

The Modeling Hypothesis and child bilingual codemixing
by Liane Comeau, Fred Genesee and Lindsay Lapaquette

The research in this article based on the hypothesis that ‘bilingual children are sensitive of the codemixing of the input’ and they are able to ‘adjust their own rates on-line in accordance with the input’. The research kept track on the performance of 6 French-English bilingual children (whose average age is between 2 and 4 years) during play sessions with experimenters who spoke relatively low (15%) or high rates (40%) of mixing language on 3 separate occasions. Their first major finding showed that the 6 bilingual children were ‘sensitive to the overall rates of mixing of their interlocutors and adjusted their overall rates of codemixing accordingly’ as all of them increased their rates of mixing when they came across more codemixing input from the interlocutors and vice versa. The second major finding is that the bilingual children seemed to have adjusted their rates of mixing in accordance with those of their interlocutors by matching their language choice to that of the interlocutor on a turn-by-turn basis. These findings actually reinforces previous researches on bilingual children that they are capable of differentiating their develop languages pragmatically and monitoring their rates of mixing in their utterance according to the input piled upon them. (Comeau, Genesee & Lapaquette, 2003).

Early Emergence of Structural Constraints on Code-mixing: evidence from French-English Bilingual children
by Johanne Paradis, Elena Nicoladis and Fred Genesee

This article is about a research aiming to find out whether young bilingual children’s code-mixing obey the same structural constraints as bilingual adults’ code-mixing or not. The researchers collected code-mixing data from 15 French-English bilingual children by...

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