Input Hypothesis

Input Hypothesis

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Seminar Paper

The Input Hypothesis

Abstract: This paper discuss about the relevance that Stephan Krashen’s Hypothesis made on modern second language acquisition and learning. His work about this topic and different types of acquisition will be explained in this paper.

Key words: language, acquisition, Krashen, hypothesis, theory

Pavlović Vladimir 87/10M


This seminar paper discuss about Stephan Krashen’s Input Theory and the five hypotheses. Since it was published Krashen have tried to explain the way in which learners acquire a second language. Krashen gives a lot of importance to the distinction between acquisition and learning. Krashen was criticized for not providing sufficient evidence to support his theories, however, Krashen has done intensive research to determine the validity of his theories. The influence that Krashen made on linguistic especially on bilingualism has left mark on modern linguistic. He thinks that language acquisition weather first or second, occurs when the real message comprehension occurs in other words when meaningful interaction happens. In the past years the name of Stephen Kristen’s hypothesis has been changing from the Monitor Hypothesis through The Acquisition Learning Hypothesis and in the recent years the most used term is The Input Hypothesis. In this paper the five hypotheses will be shown and the critiques on all of them.

The Input theory
The Input theory is consisted from five theories the five theories are:
1. The Acquisition-Learning Hypothesis

This Hypothesis points our attention to distinction between language learning and language acquiring. The most important distinction is that language acquiring happens in not controlled environment and it happens on the information that are given to as – the input, the more the input is interesting to us the more we will acquire language faster and easier, and Krashen states that language acquisition is subconscious process in contrast...

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