THE MUSIC OF HEAVEN based on Rev.15:1-8
By Glenn Pease

Most of us are not gifted in the realm of music. Many of us feel pathetic in our ability to sing, and even more so with our ability to produce music. We can easily envy those to whom it comes easy. Elizabeth Resen, at four could listen to music in a play at school, and then go home and play it on the piano. A classmate asked her how she did it, and she said , "I hear it in my ear then I hum it in my mouth. And then I play it with my fingers." If only it were that easy for all of us.

The good news is, we have every reason to believe that all of God's people will be so gifted in their new bodies in the eternal kingdom. God is a great lover of music, and He will want nothing but the best for all eternity. Everyone is expected to sing His praises, and so we can expect to be given unique abilities to do so. The fact that the Bible reveals there is so much singing in heaven implies that all who are there will be able to sing well. The book of Revelation has a host of happy hymns of harmony as part of the heavenly scene. Poems of praise are part of paradise. Joyful songs of jubilation to Jesus, and songs of salvation to the Savior are a major part of this book. It tells us about the adoration that is always an activity around the presence of the Almighty.

It makes sense that there will be a lot of singing in heaven. If there is plenty on earth, how much greater will be our desire to praise God, when all His promises are fulfilled, and we are enjoying the fullness of our salvation? It is also logical, because song is the best way known to unite a large number of people in a common activity. Hundreds and even thousands can join in one accord, as they sing the praises of the Lord. Singing is something a number of people can do together, and produce what is beautiful sound to the glory of God.

The interesting thing about the particular song in heaven, we are...

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