The Necklace

The Necklace

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the necklace
In Guy De Maupassant’s “The Necklace”, Mathilde Loisel wishes for riches but instead ends up paying 10 years for the necklace she looses. Mathilde is a pretty woman born to a family without material riches, and she always dreams of more. Her husband is a clerk/copyist who is content with their life, and even enjoys the food they eat. Mathilde wishes even their meals could be more extravagant.
One evening, Mr. Loisel comes home with an invitation to the Chancellor of Education’s dinner for the two of them. Mathilde becomes upset because she has nothing to wear, so her husband gives her the 400 francs he’s been saving for a new rifle.

Even as the day of the dinner grows closer and she has a new

. . .
When she does, she is delighted to see her, and takes her into the house. Her husband suggests she visit her friend Mrs. However, they have to spend 10 years working off the debts to other people because of this necklace. When they find one similar, it costs 36,000 francs. Loisel takes out loan after loan to get the money, and they purchase the necklace and return it to Mrs. Forrestier, who may lend her some jewelry to go with her dress. Her husband has been sleeping in a small room, and she wakes him up to leave. She dances and meets people, and doesn’t leave until four a. dress, Mathilde is still distressed.

They travel from jewelry store to jewelry...

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