The Outsiders 12

The Outsiders 12

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The Outsiders Essay

Violence, Rough or injurious physical force, action, or treatment. This is a definition for a something that happens everyday. Sometimes you can stop it, other times you can’t. Violence frustrates people until sometimes they try to show us how it really is. At 16 Susan Eloise Hinton was just opened up to freedom, parties, a part of her life she gave up to write a soon to be best selling novel and one of my favorites The Outsiders.

When the Outsiders hit the shelves you didn’t see the author as Susan Eloise Hinton but as S.E Hinton. The publishers were afraid that no one would buy the book if they’d known a women had wrote it due to the fact that women weren’t given credit. In other words back then men still had the more dominate power, plus who would think that a women could write a book about gang violence. But I don’t think anyone expected it to draw such an enormous impact from adolescent. The story is about 2 groups, the greasers and the soc’s, the greasers are a group of underprivileged lower class and the soc's are a group of high-strung rich kids. Both groups are in a raging battle just because of there differences. Hinton wrote the truth, not some phony stories were at the end a cute little pony come and the greasers hug and make up. This story is the truth.

In The Outsiders there are many socially significant issues in which we can learn from. For example how the two groups judge each other. The soc’s think that the greasers are lower class miscreants; they judge them before they even get to know them. But, the greasers are also at fault because they too judge the soc’s and they think the soc’s lives are perfect full of corvettes, madras and money. What they don’t realize is that soc’s have problems too, in the book when Ponyboy confesses these thoughts to Cherry she replies “things are rough all over”. Ponyboy doubts this but later in the book realizes that it’s true. That even though the soc’s problems...

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