The Outsiders

The Outsiders

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Outsiders Essay

Someone’s last words can make a big impact towards the life of another. S.E. Hinton’s novel, The Outsiders demonstrates this when Johnny, a very close friend of Ponyboy passes away. Right when Johnny has just about lived all he can, he manages to say “stay gold Ponyboy…stay gold.” A lot of characters in this novel stay true to themselves or stay gold.

Randy stays gold throughout this novel. He stays gold because he realizes that fighting is not a solution. When Ponyboy is searching for Randy in the rumble, he can’t seem to find him. Randy knew that fighting would not solve anything. He was “sick and tired of it” (116). Because Randy decides that he now believes fighting is not good, he shows a side of staying gold.

Certain characters motivate others to stay how they truly are. Johnny does this to Ponyboy. When Johnny is on his deathbed, he tells Ponyboy to “stay gold”, meaning stay true to who you are. Ponyboy feels the need to do Johnny’s request because he considers how much Johnny really means to him, and therefore ends up accomplishing his request.

Some people appear different from who they essentially are. Ponyboy acts like a tough guy but is actually a sensitive, youthful boy. In the novel, Ponyboy chooses to do the right thing by picking up a piece of glass. He notices that it could be a safety hazard, therefore does something about it. This protects the safety of others. Ponyboy may seem like a little punk, but he is just the opposite.

Certain circumstances help people to realize whom they truthfully are and what they can do to show it. This happens to some of the characters in S.E. Hinton’s novel, The Outsiders. Randy and Ponyboy realize their actual personalities when theses circumstances occur.

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