The Outsiders 14

The Outsiders 14

In The Outsiders, by S.E Hinton, two groups of teenagers, the Greasers and the

Socs have many conflicts. In a Midwestern town during the 1960’s, Ponyboy Curtis,

Johnny Cade, and Cherry Valance are three friends that help each other through conflicts.

Ponyboy Curtis faced many conflicts in his life. For instance, Ponyboy’s oldest

Brother, Darry, always fought with Ponyboy about his grades. Ponyboy thought Darry

to strict about everything and he often didn’t listen to what Darry said. Ponyboy and

Sodapop thought that Darry was stricter than there own beloved parents, and he was.

In addition, Ponyboy had to deal with the conflicts of Johnny dieing. When Johnny died

Ponyboy felt all alone since Johnny was one of his closest friends in the gang. Ponyboy

Also felt that it was completely his fault that Johnny died. If Ponyboy would have not gone back into the barn to save the school kids Johnny would still be alive. But if he wouldn’t have followed him in the barn Johnny would be in jail. The conflicts Ponyboy faced throughout the book taught him many life lessons.

Johnny Cade, a timid 16 year old boy, faces many personal conflicts in his short

life. For example, Johnny’s dad often beats him or ignores him while his mom is always

yelling at him for stuff he didn’t do. Johnny thinks of the gang as more of a family that

his own mom and dad. The gang gives Johnny the love and compassion he needs. In

addition, Johnny faces his worst fear, death, Johnny doesn’t want to die; there are so

many things he hasn’t seen or done. Johnny wanted to grow up and experience what life

would bring to him. Even though Johnny’s conflicts were the worst among all the

characters in the novel he handled them the best.

Cherry Valance, an independent redheaded cheerleader, faces several conflicts in

the book. For example, she had to deal with the death of her beloved boyfriend, Bob.

When Bob died Cherry felt empty...

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