Theoretical Framework Test

Theoretical Framework Test

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This student achieved a very high first class mark for both preliminary paper and final dissertation. This is an excellent example, although the preliminary paper is very long. Both the examples posted here use an deductive approach: they set up a theoretical framework or series of hypotheses to test. Obviously, an inductive approach does not set up concepts and hypotheses for tesing in the same way, though it should indicate key themes that will be explored.

Product Placement: What Are The Effects on Child Obesity?

Sources and Methods

1. Sources

1.1 Introduction

There are a variety of differing arguments and theories which all contribute to the discussion of advertising and its link with childhood obesity. In this section the literature reviewed will be broken down into different sections and will be critically analysed in terms of strengths and weaknesses which may be solved by the outcome of this study. The arguments surrounding food advertising’s impact on purchase behaviour, consumption and food preference will be explored primarily, followed by the theories surrounding product placement. Finally child development theories will be explored to help understand the issue of fairness when advertising to children, followed by other contributing factors of childhood obesity such as peer pressure and parental influence.

1.2 Food advertising to children.

There is a strong argument that has resonated, declaring that food promotion is a considerable factor in the increasing rise of childhood obesity. In the UK, Hastings et al’s (2003) recent review for the Food Standards Agency made a considerable statement in suggesting that food promotion affects children’s purchase behaviour, consumption and food choices. Many other researchers echo this view in their empirical studies and argue that promotion, particularly television advertising contributes to the growing obesity dilemma faced by Western societies by promoting poor diet and unhealthy food...

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