Have you ever wanted to know what its like to collapse: The collapse of the Soviet Union

I. Soviet Union before.

A. Was officially found in December 1922 as the Union of Russia

1. Was a Federal Union of Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic(RSFSR)

2. In geographic text, the Soviet Union was the largest country in the world

3. Had a total of 15 union republics.

Theses: What caused the Soviet Union to collapse?

II. What Led up to it

A. The downfall

1. Causes were mostly, political and economic.

2. Soviet consumers turned to imports to satisfy their needs.

3. They could not buy a good pair of leather boots or a good television set or a computer made in the Soviet Union, because all the boots and the electronics were swallowed up by military needs.

4. there were no quality goods to export in order to balance imports

III. One step closer

1. Lack of honest information

2. Would tell newspapers, etc. false information, then when people found out it was a lie, they told them, they could find the truth anywhere but from the press.

3. Economic factors were linked to political and psychological factors. As the Soviet economist Latsis said at the time, "the gloomy background of the worsening market situation ... has a depressing effect on people." Their gloom deepened as a result of policy failures such as the explosion of the Chernobyl atomic power plant and the war in Afghanistan.

IV. Problems in the Union
1. Mainly economic

2. Some political

V. The final ending

The out come
1. the Soviet Union had developed its own military-industrial complex

2. there were no published figures to indicate the points of weakness. For exam the government did not even admit until 1988 that it was running a budget deficit. As a result the government had no way to fix it.

3. The Soviet people had...

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