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My List of Five General Topics

1. Weather
2. Sports
3. Education
4. Vegetarians
5. Poverty

Weather: how mood is affected by weather.
Sports: Football vs. Baseball
Education: The effects and advantages of a college education
Vegetarians: What do I think about vegetarians?
Poverty: What it is and the cause and effects of it
Humidity, temperature and hours of sunshine had the greatest on mood.
High levels of humidity lowered scores on concentration, while increasing reports of sleepiness.

Rising temperatures lowered anxiety and skepticism mood scores.

The number hours of sunshine was found to predict optimism significantly. As the number of hours of sunshine increased optimism scores also increased.

Thesis: The weather can affect you positively and negatively. Pleasant weather was related to higher mood, better memory and broadened cognitive style.


Football has passed Baseball as America’s pastime. This should not come as a shock to most people. Perhaps it is my own lack of interest in baseball that leads to this conclusion.

Football has been the most popular sport in America for years now. The super bowl not the World Series is the biggest (arguably) yearly sporting event in the United States.

Last year 106.5 million Americans tuned in to watch the Super Bowl, while the World Series averaged only 19.3 million viewers over six games.

Thesis: From such numbers, it can be inferred that football has risen above baseball in terms of popularity and warrants the title of America’s Pastime.


A college graduate has a chance to develop a stable career with a stable income. A college degree can be a catalyst to a new and challenging lifestyle.

College graduates have the satisfaction of knowing that the four or more years of additional education will improve their quality of life.

A survey done of twenty-five (25) adults...

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