Travel and Living

Travel and Living

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Recently,along with the development of science and technology, tourism also develop dramatically. Some of people said that it bring a lot of benefits to us but further consideration shows that it also has disadvantages.

Increased inward economy leading to increased investment in the area (regional advantage). This may result in other improvements including environmental and socio-economic factors i.e. the environment would be improved to attract further tourists and tourist facilities would be built which can also be used by local people. This means that conflict between tourists and locals has decreased because of the large scale tourism in the area. Other advantages are that it increases understanding of WW2. Normandy is the base for many cemetaries and also the D-Day landing site which are visited by many people, especially students, to gain an understanding of world history. (This would be an advantage on even an international scale). Another advantage is that tourism creates jobs for local people and helps to decrease the unemployment rate and increase local income. This can raise the overall prestige of an area. In France as a whole many people visit the country in its entirety whilst also visiting Normandy so other areas will gain too. The multiplier effect has also occurred where other businesses have flourished e.g. ice cream sales as a result of large tourist numbers.


The disadvantages of tourism are that it can ruin the environment and many areas of Normandy are susceptible to this due to the high density of tourists visiting each year. On a regional level the beaches may be destroyed and paths trodden down etc all of which require economic input to put right. In addition the number of foreigners living in the area has increased which may push the locals out of the housing market if they cannot afford the increased prices. On a national scale if Normandy begins to be over-advertised other areas of France may begin to decline....

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