Treatment of Leukemia

Treatment of Leukemia

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Section One

Primary Outline for Speech

General Purpose: To inform my audience about Leukemia
Specific Purpose:
Organizational Pattern:


I. How many people know what leukemia is?
II. For those who do not know what leukemia is, leukemia is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow. (Peacock 6)
III. According to the author Judith Peacock, there are over one hundred different types of cancer. (Peacock 6)
A. Something that all cancer have in common is that their blood cells, divide, multiply out of control, and they spread. (Peacock 6)
IV. Today, I will inform you about the symptoms of leukemia, the treatment, and about living with leukemia.
(Transition: I’ll start with the symptoms of leukemia.)

I. A. According to the author Melanie Ann Apel, the first five symptoms are fatigue, weakness, loss of weight, fever, and loss of appetite. (Apel 13)
B. When leukemia goes into your bone marrow and invades your organs, that is when you may start to get headaches, seizures, vomit, balance problems, and blurry vision. (Apel 14)
C. People may start to get joint pain. (Apel 14)
1. This occurs when leukemia cells spread from the bone marrow to surface of your joints and bones. (Apel 14)
D. If leukemia gets to the liver or spleen, it can cause these organs to swell. (Nunn 35)
E. People who have leukemia may also have swelling in their mouth. (Nunn 35)
1. The reason is because leukemia can spread to your gums and cause them to bleed. (Nunn 36)
F. Another thing leukemia can cause is skin rash. (Nunn 36)
(Transition: Now that you know the symptoms of leukemia, I will now start with the treatment.)

II. A. According to the author Melissa Abramovitz, leukemia treatments began in
the early 1940s. (Abramovitz 26)
B. Chemotherapy is the way most people treat leukemia. (Abramovitz 27)

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