Understanding the Different Types of Business Activity and Ownership

Understanding the Different Types of Business Activity and Ownership

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Task 2. Understand the different types of business activity and ownership

I am going to describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting organisations. I will be comparing Asdas to Oxfam from task1 and I will compare the stakeholders in each company
Stakeholders in ASDA
The owners and shareholders
They are the shareholders of Asda because it is a limited company. They are the most important stakeholders, they are making decisions of what happens to the business. Being one of the owners and stakeholders is a big responsibility, the basic aim is to be a successful organisation and to make a profit. People can be shareholders, so it means that they are interested in the business they invest their money to make it bigger. In addition, the advantage of the demand of one organisation is they can build another branch in other local area around the country.

The customers
Customers are always looking to buy low cost products, they are also looking for a wide range of products. They also want easy accessibility to the premises and hope to buy quality products at competitive prices. They are really important because they provide the money for the store to be successful. Also an expanding amount of customers mean more profit for the business. Most customers expect fresh fruit and vegetables at high quality for good value.
As we all know, Asda known as the lowest price supermarket hence the consumer will rather choose them from others. They want the lower or cheaper products with high quality status. Asda is a supermarket that all your needs are capable to provide for their shoppers.


Asdas employees influence is that they work very hard to reach their own goals efficiently, they also influence this organisation when they work with it to provide a better service for the customers. The employees work at various levels in the organisation. They include directors, managers and operatives. The employees would want to...

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