Using a Microscope

Using a Microscope

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Using a microscope

To set up and use a microscope, and to make a wt-mount slide.

When the letter is placed under the microscope it will appear upside down

- microscope
- microscope slide and cover-slip
- small piece of newspaper
- prepared slide
- scissors

PART A: setting up a microscope

1. Rotate the objective lenses until the low power lens clicks into position directly above the hole in the stage. (the low power objective lens is usually the shortest one and has the lowest number stamped on it eg 4x)
2. Place the hair on the microscope slide and put it on the stage
3. Looking from the side turn the focusing knob to move the lens very close to the slide.
4. Now look through the eyepiece lens and over the objective lens away from the slide until the hair is in focus.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 using a high power objective lens.

PART B: Making a wet-mount slide

1. Place a drop of water in the middle of a microscope slide
2. Cut out a small lower case ā€˜eā€™ in the piece of newspaper and place it on the drop of the water on the slide. Cover the ā€˜eā€™ with another drop of water.
3. Place the edge of the cover slip on the edge of the drop of water, and lean it on a pencil.
4. Lower the pencil slowly and let the cover slip fall flat on the slide (this stops air bubbles forming under the cover-slip)
5. Place the slide on the stage and observe the letter under the low power

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