VDG Radara Flooring- Minor Case Study

VDG Radara Flooring- Minor Case Study

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MINOR CASE STUDY: VDG- Radara Flooring
Module 2: Understanding the External Environment
- How would you define the industry?
According to the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification the industries that the organization VDG operates in are as follows:
2923 Mattress Manufacturing (Except Rubber) This Class consists of units mainly engaged in manufacturing mattresses, pillows or cushions (except of rubber).
2243 Sleepwear, Underwear and Infant Clothing Manufacturing This class consists of units mainly engaged in manufacturing foundation garments, underwear, sleepwear or infants' clothing from purchased or transferred in materials.
2559 Rubber Product Manufacturing n.e.c. which includes in primary Activities: Sponge or foam rubber mfg
This case study focuses on the Foam Carpet Underlay operations of the industry.
However to simplify our industry analysis I refer to the definition of ‘industry’ which is – a group of organisations or business units participating in similar economic or commercial activities, producing similar results.
Hence referring to definition we can simplify our analysis by defining the industries that VDG operate in are
- Bedding
- Undergarment & Hosiery
- Foam carpet underlay
This case is focused on the foam ‘carpet underlay industry’ and therefore I will focus the industry analysis on this industry.

- Is the industry global?
As this case study focuses on the foam carpet underlay industry the presence of manufacturers in Australia, China, Indonesia and South Africa make it a global industry.

- Is the organisation Australian or Overseas based?
VDG is an Australian based organisation with headquarters in Australia and operations throughout in Australia as well as in NZ, Malaysia, and therefore it has an international presence. However the division Radara Flooring is Australian based for it manufactures foam carpet underlay only in Australia and services the market locally therefore this division will...

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