Wellness at Work Program

Wellness at Work Program


At Work Wellness Program

Immaculata University

Table of Contents

Title Page
Chapter 1 – The Organization
Description of System
Inputs and Outputs
Boundaries and environments
Organizational structure
Formal and Informal systems
Force Field Analysis
Interventions being considered
Importance of the Research

Last year management at St. Christopher’s Hospital admissions department asked employees for suggestions to increase employee productivity. A suggestion was that the ability to function and perform at a high level consistently could be greatly aided by an employee wellness program. The introduction of such programs has been successful in that the results have been beneficial for both the employee and the company. Wellness programs focus on the physical well being of employees. Most programs offer weight loss regimes, smoking cessation programs, stress management and exercise, diet and fitness advice. Research shows that to maintain a healthy lifestyle balance, a 24 hour day should be divided into thirds; one third for sleep, one third for work and one third for play. Most employees work longer hours and as a result, when they arrive home they do not feel like exercising or cooking quality meals. Current work and home schedules prevent employees from exercising enough. Current health insurance policies focus on curing illnesses rather than preventing them. Medical research has shown that healthy choices can prevent many diseases.

Chapter 1
St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children is a hospital that offers its services exclusively to children. SCHC provides psychosocial support of children and their families. In addition to the psychosocial support of children and families, SCHC has the benefit of being staffed by professionals who are trained in treating children. While many...

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