What If?

What If?

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What if?

Have you ever thought to yourself what is after this life that you are living? Or why is there humans and not some other advanced life form? Or if god even really exists and if so what has he done to create humans and why?. The first time I had this thought was when I was taking an economics class. I was just sitting there listening to the teacher lecturing and all of a sudden the thought of what happens when you die popped into my mind.

Right after that happened I got the thought of why is there humans on earth like what is the reason for creating humans?. These thoughts have popped into my head on several occasions but the very first time I ever thought of it while I was sitting in my economics class my mind went into a panic. So while my teacher is still lecturing I had a panic attack sitting there in class and I didn’t know what to do I was debating whether or not I should leave the room or not. I decided to just put my head down and try to think of something else something that was a little less freaky that would try to calm me down but all I could think of was the same thought that I had stuck in my mind. I just sat there with my head buried into my jacket on the desk asking my self “what if?”.

The thought of what happens when your life is over is a very scary thing that still makes me kind of sick to my stomach. And I know that eventually I will have to face this fear whether I like it or not the day will come that we all pass on to whatever god has in store for us. I believe that this life that we are living right now is just a practice life that try’s to prepare us for the next life that we have to live. I also believe that after this life is a whole bunch of other lives that we live that just gets better and better. I may seem crazy saying this but it does and doesn’t make sense to me in the way that to me it seems logical but no one can ever prove that it happens it is impossible to be able to prove it.


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