What Is My Browser? and Types

What Is My Browser? and Types

What is my browser?

A browser is software that is used to access the internet. A browser lets you visit websites and do activities within them like login, view multimedia, link from one site to another, visit one page from another, print, send and receive email, among many other activities.
The browser application retrieves or fetches code, usually written in HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and/or another language, from a web server, interprets this code, and renders (displays) it as a web page for you to view. 

Internet Explorer

It was developed by Microsoft in 1994 and released in 1995 as a supportive package to Microsoft Windows line of operating systems. According to statistics, its usage share from 1999 to 2003-04 was around 95%. Microsoft occasionally releases updates for the previous versions of IE, which have some enhanced capabilities. IE has come up a preview release of Internet Explorer 10. The 'favicon', which is the short form of favorite icon, was introduced first in IE, and was later adopted by many other browsers. Initially, IE did not support tabbed browsing. But today, it can be used even in the older versions, by installing toolbars.

Features: There are regular Microsoft updates that IE supports. Favicon allows an image to be used as a bookmark. It supports Integrated Windows Authentication.

Mozilla Firefox

It is owned by Mozilla Corporation and was the result of an experimentation. 'Mozilla Firefox' was officially announced in February 2004. It was earlier named Phoenix, Firebird, and eventually Firefox. It is the second-most famous browser after Internet Explorer, as there were around 100 million downloads within a year of its release. Until November 2008, 700 million downloads were recorded. Since the release of Firefox, the sale of Internet Explorer has gone down drastically. It has around 22% of the market share at present. It has undergone many updates and version changes that were made to improve usability to the...

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