What is the feldspar beneficiation flotation agents common used?

What is the feldspar beneficiation flotation agents common used?

When feldspar flotation using flotation reagent is also very particular about the general use of dodecylamine as collector, with hydrofluoric acid as a modifier, PH value 2-4 in the case of flotation. Flotation flotation device when using a variety of agents to adjust the physical and chemical properties of selected minerals and flotation medium, thereby expanding between gold or gold-bearing mineral and gangue mineral water pro Okinawa differences make it better sorting, to improve gold recovery purposes. Conventional flotation divided into three categories: collectors, frothers, modifiers.

Blowing agent

1.Collecting agent

In addition to the nature of the surface of the mineral particles of coal, graphite, sulfur, talc and molybdenite and other hydrophobic, has a natural floatability, most minerals are hydrophilic, gold minerals as well. Add an agent to change the hydrophilic mineral particles produced hydrophobic so that it can float, this drug is usually called the collector. Flotation collectors are usually polar and non-polar collector. Polar collectors can act with mineral particles from the surface of the occurrence of polar groups and play a role in the non-polar hydrophobic groups of two parts. When this type of collector mineral particles adsorbed on the surface, the molecules or ions were aligned, the polar groups toward the surface of the mineral particles, non-polar groups outwards to form a hydrophobic membrane, so that the mine has Flotability bit.
Copper, lead, zinc, iron and other minerals associated gold sulfide in the flotation of common organic thio compounds as Pune collector. For example, alkyl (ethyl, propyl, butyl, pentyl, etc.) dithio sodium ( potassium), also known as xanthates, commonly known as xanthate. As NaS2C · OCH2 · CH3, when gold polymetallic ores flotation, the use of ethyl and butyl xanthate xanthate. Alkyl dithiophosphoric acids or salts thereof, such as (RO) 2PSSH, wherein R is an alkyl group, commonly known as...

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