Which Activators Can Used in the Practice of Flotation

Which Activators Can Used in the Practice of Flotation

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Activator is one of the adjustment to the flotation reagents, and by changing the chemical composition of mineral surface, eliminating inhibitor effect, make it easy to adsorption of collector.The activation can be roughly divided into: spontaneous activation; Activation in advance; Resurrection; Vulcanization. However, do you know which activators can used in the practice of flotation machine?

Commonly used activators in flotation machine mainly have the following kinds:

(1)Soluble salt copper sulfate and non-ferrous metals

Copper sulfate, commonly known as bluestone, can activate sphalerite, pyrite, pyrrhotite and cobalt, nickel sulfide minerals, etc.Other heavy metals, soluble salts, such as Hg2 +, Ag +, Pb2 +, Pd2 + and Cd2 + metal ions such as soluble salt, also as activator.Its role is similar to copper sulfate.

(2) the alkaline earth metal and part of heavy metal cations

Belong to this class of activator are: Ca2 +, magnesium 2 +, Ba2 + and Fe3 + metal cation.These ions when using fatty acid collector, can living fossils and other silicate minerals.For example, has not been activated flotation of quartz can be fatty acids, but the Ca2 +, Ba2 + quartz surface after activation, such as metal ions can adsorption of fatty acids and quartz flotation.

(3) sodium sulfide and other soluble sulfide

Soluble sulfide sodium sulphide and sodium hydrosulphide, hydrogen sulfide and calcium sulfide etc.The most common is sodium sulphide in practice.It is generally believed that activation of sodium sulphide minerals, mainly sodium sulphide resulting HS - and S2 - ion in aqueous solution as a result, the role of minerals in the mineral surface generated sulfide film.Non-ferrous metal oxide minerals, such as malachite, lead vitriol and cerussite directly with xanthate flotation, but with sodium sulfide, can very well in xanthate flotation.Therefore, for non-ferrous metal oxide minerals, sodium sulfide is as indispensable as activator, or vulcanizing...

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