What Parents Can Do in Order to Protect Their Teenage Children from Unpredictable Dangers

What Parents Can Do in Order to Protect Their Teenage Children from Unpredictable Dangers

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Discuss what parents can do in order to protect their teenage children from unpredictable dangers.

Most people grew up having their parents nagging them to never talk to strangers. It isn't too hard to understand why parents worry about their teenage children's safety so much, since some teenagers fall into strangers' traps in real life. There has always been news reports about teenagers being kidnapped, shot at, or sexually harassed. In order to prevent such tragedies from happening, parents should be aware of events that relate to their children's safety, and teach their children how to avoid and deal with dangers.

The first step that parents should take is to acknowledge the dangers children might encounter. Parents need to be aware of the incidents related to teenage assaults. To do that, parents can regularly read newspaper, watch television or listen to the radio. Simply knowing that goes on in the community is not enough, learning how to spot dangers must be done. Parents can learn from past incidents. By looking at the news, parents can analyze each incident and be mindful of the settings of it. In a possible situation, a teenager is tricked into a car and eventually kidnapped by a kind looking young man who gives out free ice cream at 8 p.m.. Some conclusions might be drawn are that appearance can be deceiving and most crimes occur during night time. Being knowledgeable about the community, parents can prepare children to face against hazards.

Teaching children how to avoid dangers is essential. Therefore, parents should not be the only ones who read the news. Instead, parents can discuss past incidents with their children. For example, parents can ask their children to think of why an attack happened where it was, and why the attacker chose a particular victim. Through these discussions, children will become more alert of the potential dangers. When going out, teenagers should keep an eye on everyone around them. If they spot anyone...

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