What should individuals do to protect the environment?

What should individuals do to protect the environment?

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opic: The environment is getting worse and worse. What do you think individuals should do to protect environment?

Most of people’s activities have impact on environment, both in negative or positive sides. However, the environment is getting worse and worse and now it’s the right time for any person to think of the things they can do to protect the environment as well as their own life. There are three easily things that any one can do to save our Earth.

Firstly, by protecting plants and trees, we can improve the ecosystem. It can also help balance the climate and reduce the global warming phenomenon. However, the word “protect” here doesn’t either mean that people shouldn’t cut off trees for their economic purposes nor they have to do the huge things. They can take care of trees around their houses; plant them more and more indoors or the surroundings. In addition, trying to limit the demand of using wooden furniture as much as possible is also a good way to reduce the number of cut – off trees.

Secondly, whenever we can, we should save our energy. In this modern life, almost devices need electricity to operate. And people usually take use of its convenience but forget all about its bad effects. The more energy we use, the more our environment has to suffer. The more energy we can save and change to use “clean energy”, i.e. solar and wind one, the more nature resources will be kept. For instance, from the little things like switch off unnecessary device, using bio fuels will contribute much in the environment protecting campaign.

Finally, keep your living environment clean is the fastest and the easiest way to protect our environment. If every individual person can be aware of this issue, not only their house but also the whole street, city or even the world can be much cleaner and purer. We should put the trash in the correct areas, take part in the 3R project of local government to both increase the recycled products and decrease the new...

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