Whole Personal Education

Whole Personal Education

Personal Experience about Whole Person Education

Today I’m very glad to tell you about the whole person education, which is a new teaching model of our university called United International College. Compare with other universities, Whole Person Education of our university must be unique and modern ideology of education in China. In order to make you well understand it, I will explain what does the WPE mean, and then introduce two aspects of WPE, which including Voluntary Service and Emotional Intelligence in details to tell you my own personal experiences in this program.

Now, let me start with the interpretation of Whole Person Education. The mission of UIC is designed to be a new liberal education in Chinese environment. So Whole Person Education plays an important role in this education. It is concerned with the growth of our intellectual, moral, physical, emotional and spiritual potential. After taking some courses of WPE, I have known that it is important not only we learn some proper subject knowledge but also to develop our personal character, ability to think independently and skills to solve personal and social problems. Therefore this is a general understanding about Whole person Education with my opinion.

Now, let me start by taking about the voluntary service, which program I attended in the second semester. I chose one of the service projects about disable children in the ZhuiHai Disabled Recovery Center. Every Wednesday afternoon, we went to there to remain together with those children to chat with them or assist them to complete some exercise. Before I participated in the program, I didn’t realize how much volunteering could impact someone else’s life. During these three moths, I find that volunteer is someone who gives time, energy and talents to others, expecting nothing in return. As a volunteer, we should have the individual qualities of the initiative, respect, patience and the sense of responsibility. Therefore this program...

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