Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized

Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized

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Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized?
By David Hourani
Lebanese American University


Having read much about legalizing marijuana when compared to other substances, and having read much about other issues that cause harm to the society, economy and health, I have found that this issue should be raised and reconsidered. Legalizing marijuana would have a positive effect on society since “all that is forbidden is wanted”. Once marijuana use is no longer thought of as a crime, the number of prisoners and the number of gangs decreases. These people will then become honorable businessmen that can then help the economy.
Having marijuana as a legal substance would then boost the economy. The money spent on using marijuana in the black market would be then used in the government’s economy. The money used on ensuring this law is valid can then be money gained in taxes. The money spent on anti-marijuana campaigns can be made use of. Marijuana is beneficial. It is a drug for many diseases including aids.
There exist more dangerous and legal substances such as alcohol and tobacco. There are many direct causes of illnesses and death caused by alcohol and tobacco consumption, but none from marijuana. People think it is illegal because it is dangerous addictive and is a gateway drug, but it proven wrong. People could be addicted to anything these days. Therefore this paper talk about the importance of legalizing cannabis and why it is beneficial to have it in our country.

I. Looking at all the disasters that rein our societies.
A. Citing some man made disasters.
B. Citing some natural disasters.
II. Introducing the cannabis plant.
A. Citing the benefits of marijuana.
B. Explaining why cannabis is banned.

(Transition: Let’s examine the first reason why marijuana should be legalized.}
I. Economy wise
A. Laws against cannabis are costing a lot annually...

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