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Wireless Network
xxxx University

Choose your wireless equipment
The first step is to make sure that you have the equipment you need. Since you already have a wireless router and a laptop with built-in wireless networking support, you will need to buy a USB wireless adapter for one of the PCs that is far away from the wireless router. To make setup easy, choose a network adapter made by the same vendor that made your wireless router.
Connect your wireless router
1. First, locate your DSL modem and unplug it to turn it off.
2. Connect your wireless router to your modem. Your modem should stay connected directly to the Internet.
3. Plug the DSL network cable into the port labeled Internet on the back of your router.
4. Plug in and turn on your DSL modem. Wait a few minutes to give it time to connect to the Internet, and then plug in and turn on your wireless router. After a minute, the Internet light on your wireless router should light up, indicating that it has successfully connected to the modem.
5. Using the network cable that came with your wireless router, connect your computer to port 1 on your wireless router or any port that isn’t labeled Internet, WAN, or WLAN. Turn your Windows 2003 computer on, and it should automatically connect to your router. This computer is the one you will use to configure your router.

6. Open Internet Explorer and type in the address to configure your router. You might be prompted for a password. Use the table below for specific router:
Router Address Username Password
3Com admin admin
D-Link admin

Linksys admin admin
Microsoft Broadband admin admin
Netgear admin password

7. Internet Explorer will show your router’s configuration page. Most of the default settings should be fine, but you should configure these settings:
a. Your wireless network name (SSID): you...

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