Words Can Go Far

Words Can Go Far

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Words are the elements of a great speech, the basis of a best-selling novel. Words can influence or change a person’s mindset; they can conjure up colourful images in one’s mind. Words can break someone into pieces, but they can also put them back together. Words offer help and support to stop someone from giving up.

‘You can do it! It’s only two more kilometres to the finishing line! Believe what you may but you will not hit the wall.’

My breathing was heavy, my muscles everywhere were aching and the throbbing in my head was getting worse. Signing up for this 42 kilometre marathon was crazy. Thinking back, it seemed so harmless. I can’t believe that it was only three weeks ago that I had met Jesse, that early morning jog seemed like it has been a lifetime ago.

It breezed through my hair. The wind was softly caressing my face as I slowly jogged around an empty Victoria Park. The early morning air was cool upon my skin, making me feel refreshed. I closed my eyes and hummed to the pleasant music playing from my iPod. My feet had fallen into that steady rhythm, accompanying my gradually increasing heartbeats, gently pulsing into my ears. I was enjoying the moment until I felt myself collide with something so hard, it felt like a wall.

‘Ouch! Hey, woman! Jog with your eyes open next time!’ I heard a man’s voice exclaim through the music.

My eyes flashed open and I found myself standing in front of a young man in running attire too, with an annoyed yet amused look on his face –an expression so handsome, it made my heart skip a beat. Then, I noticed all the papers I had knocked unto the floor. I quickly pulled the earphones out of my ears and stuffed them into my pockets.

‘Oh, I’m so sorry! I don’t usually close my eyes. I was just appreciating a good jog and I wasn’t aware that there were other people around.’ I blabbered while bending down to scoop the papers up. I read the headings of the papers, they were flyers for a charity...

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