Work-Based Task 4: Reflecting Upon Communication

Work-Based Task 4: Reflecting Upon Communication

Work based task 4: Reflecting upon Communication:
Write an explanation of how you best communicate? Through body language? Spoken words? Written words? Email & text? With your peers? With younger / older people? With children? In formal / informal situations?

I use a wide variety of methods of communications at work. Majority of the time my communication will be verbal. However, how I communication verbally also varies according to who I am talking to and the situation .The tone, volume and the pitch of my voice and the language I use to communicate will differ. For instance while addressing a group of adults i would use more formal language whereas when talking to children I would use age appropriate language hence, still formal but using a simpler lexis.

I use the telephone to orally communicate with outside agencies, parents and other professionals, though, my spoken language will vary with who I am speaking to and the circumstances. I use different written formats to communicate these include using a variety of styles suitable for the occasion, for example letter writing, essay writing, report writing, filling in forms and questionnaires. I additionally communicate using the computer to send e-mails and make presentations.

While I am teaching I use a lot of non verbal communication; my body language and gestures convey a meaning. These would include eye contact, facial expressions and physical movements. A stern look directed at a child will send the message that i am not happy with them or what they are doing. Using my hand to make a thumbs up signal will let somebody see i am pleased with them, or that I agree with them. Charles Dickens once quoted “Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who with their soul encourages another person to be brave and true”. Different topic subjects require me to speak using various methods; in Numeracy we use graphs, charts and symbols; in Physical Education we can...

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