Working as Part of a Team

Working as Part of a Team

For many working as a part of a team can be a frustrating experience for but if all members of the team have good communication skills it can be a rewarding experience for them. In this paper I am going to explain some of the skills ways that members of a team can use to communicate with each other and what happen if there is poor communication between the members of the team.

Having communication skills is important part of ones professional and personal life. We learn communication skills throughout our lives, sometimes the message that we are trying to get across is misunderstood, for example, when we are babies we cry in the hopes that someone will hear us and take care of our needs but the receiver of the message does not know what we are trying to tell them cause we have not developed the skills yet to communicate what we need as we get older we learn to speak and ask for the things that we need or want. (Bazzett, 1999)

When you are communicating with some one there are five elements in communication they are the sender, the receiver, the message. The medium, and internal, and external static. (Wilmax, 2007)

Communication skills are an important key when working as a part of a team towards a common goal, a team should have open communication so that all members of the team have a chance to share they ideas, the members of the team also need to remember to be open minded and not criticize one another but, look at working as a team a learning process and learn to look at others ideas and not to be judgmental of them, they should not say things like “ that is a stupid idea” or “what are they thinking.” what they should do is listen to what the person is saying then comment by saying something like “I never thought of it that way” or “that is a interesting point” that way each member of the team will feel open to sharing his or her ideas and know that they wont be judged about their ideas or views of a topic. By doing this it will...

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