Working Part Time;

Working Part Time;

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Analysis of results from the Labor Force Survey(UK)

The following analysis uses results from the Labor Force Survey (LFS). The Labor Force Survey asks people currently in work these questions:
'In your (main) job were you working full-time or part-time?' and
'Were you working as an employee or were you self-employed?' (Hence, the term 'employee' used here is self-defined by the respondent.)
Those working part-time are then asked the follow-up question: 'I would like to ask you why you took a part-time rather than a full-time job. Was it because... you were a student/you were at school; you were ill or disabled; you could not find a full-time job; you did not want a full-time job?' The first response that applies is recorded.

Those in the final category are then asked, ' Why didn't you want a full-time job?' with possible responses:

(1) you are financially secure, but work because you want to;

(2) you earn enough working part time;

(3) you want to spend more time with your family;

(4) you have domestic commitments which prevent you working full-time;

(5) you feel that there are insufficient childcare facilities available;

(6) you have another reason.

The following analysis combines responses (1) and (2) into a category called 'No need to work full-time', and responses (3), (4) and (5) into a category called 'Family or domestic reasons.' The Statistical analysis is based on Spring 2002 Labor Force Survey

Reasons for working part-time

Table 1 shows that women and men differ greatly as to the reasons given for working part-time:
The most common reasons given by women were related to their family or domestic situation. In total 54 per cent of female part-time employees said that they either wanted to spend more time with their family, had domestic commitments which prevented them working full-time, or felt there were insufficient childcare facilities available.

The next most common reasons for women working part-time were:...

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