Zoos: a Good Thing or Not?

Zoos: a Good Thing or Not?

Thursday 29th January

In the view of the fact that so many species of wildlife are threatened Zoos are a good thing

Zoos are a worldwide tourist attraction and no matter where you go on holiday whether it be this country or America there is bound to be some sort of Zoo. Most of us have been to one and for some it is totally unacceptable for animals to be taken out of their normal habitat. So are Zoos really all that their cracked up to is?

What happens if your breeding goes wrong? What happens if an animal is put it so much pain that it might die or be traumatised? Animals are always being breed so that their race won’t become extinct; however it’s not always that easy especially if something goes wrong. E.g. wild animals may become annoyed and put another animal’s life in danger or birth might go wrong and animals might be in significant pain.
Bigger animals in Zoos. For many of us this is totally unacceptable to have a wild creature such as a lion or tiger to be taken out of there habitat and force to be looked at all day. This can make animals annoyed and they are often put in smaller enclosure. With the animals being unable to catch there prey and rome around in a lot of space this can make they become very bored.
Some animals may become increasingly agitated by being put in transport for many hours. Making an animal travel an unrealistic amount of miles so it can just be “looked” at is cruel. These animals do not deserve to be taken out of their normal habitat and expected to travel.

When you go to a Zoo there are not only family there; if you look around you will notice that there will probably be a school there and many adults. This is because all Zoos offer history and facts about there animals which means school trips/family day outs are often planed for the education.
Some animals are taken to Zoos to be researched. Zoologists need to no what types of food e.g. pandas would eat as if one became ill and needed to be...

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