U.s vocab

U.s vocab

1.Puritans: About 1563 AD, some people in England decided that they wanted to follow a way of life that they thought would be more according to what the Christian God wanted. They called themselves "the godly", but other people called them "Puritans."A Puritan family about 1563 If they lived this way, Puritan people thought it would help them get into Heaven. These Puritans were mostly richer and more educated than the Pilgrims who had come to North America on the Mayflower.

2. John Winthrop: was famous for the founding, and as a leader of, the Massachusetts Bay Colony in New England. He was a strict Puritan and the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. John Winthrop and the Puritans believed that they would establish a pure church in New EnglandĀ  that would offer a model for the churches in the 'mother-land' and reform the Anglican Church.

3.Thomas Hooker: Thomas Hooker was famous as a leader of the Connecticut Colony. He was a prominent Puritan clergyman and theologian who grew dissatisfied with the rigid practices and government of the Puritan church in Massachusetts and lead a group of followers to start a more liberal colony in Hartford, Connecticut.

4.Fundamental Orders Of Connectict : 1639, a number of pilgrims were being persecuted for their religious beliefs (they were puritans who wanted to "purify" the Anglican religion). They left Massachusetts and colonized the area that is now Connecticut. There, they developed the first written constitution - the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut. This document called for an assembly of elected representatives from each town to make laws. It also called for the popular election of a governor and judges. It is considered the first written constitution

5.Roger Williams: English clergyman, colonist, and founder of Rhode Island. He arrived in Boston in 1631 and became pastor of the separatist Plymouth colony (163233). Banned from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for his beliefs, including his...

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