audience analysis

audience analysis


Audience Analysis and Reception


Among the possible factors that I need to pay attention to is the complexity level of
my audience. By understanding the audience who reads my paper, I am able to
determine how to format it, which is an important element. Some audiences are better
at understanding a paper when visual aids are used. It permits the readers to
understand better or lets them see the general idea of the paper. Language limitations
are also a factor to consider. Many current businesses comprise of multi-cultural
administrations and are conducting businesses on a global scale. Certain cultures may
be offended by some terms that they are not familiar with. Also, it is important to know if
your audience prefers an elaborate paper or a compact version. Lengthy paper tends to
bore some audiences. Plus, the objective of the paper may not be communicated
accurately to these audiences. Conversely, the other part of the audience may require a
detailed and comprehensive paper in order to understand better. I need to make sure
that I consider both types of audiences by giving each of them what they require. Give
faster, this way everyone is at least considered.
It is unwise to disregard the requirements of the audience as it can result in
confusions. If I do not include every member of the audience, it can cause disparity and
influence the objective of the paper. When the requirements of the audience are not
taken into consideration the audience can be confused when the paper is being

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