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My Sexual Orientation

My Sexual Orientation

My Sexual, affectional & loving orientation development

By Brandon Nettles
Psychology 1 Tues,Thur 4;30-5;55pm

In human existence, questions are commonly asked, "Who am I? “or “How did I become the person I am today?” These questions are the heart of the quest for self-discovery. While on the quest for self-discovery many people turn to something higher than themselves for answers. This path is lined with the hope that the answers can be given by, "something higher." Another path of self-discovery is when people turn to their surroundings and experiences in their search. By doing this it allows people to look into their own experiences and discover what their beliefs and values truly consist of. For the purpose of this paper I would like to consider the second path of self-discovery. By doing this I am choosing to look at my own development and how institutions of society such as family, media, friends, government, law, education, and religion have personally affected me. Also to be considered are variables such as ethnicity, class, sex, gender identity/roles/preference and how they contribute to my unique development as well.
The question “who am I” is one that most people don’t think about until they are asked. It is often proved to be a lot harder to put into words than one would think. That was exactly the case for me. Before being asked the question I believed that I have a good sense of who I was, however my silence on the matter proved otherwise. This prompted me to look into myself and experiences for answers, particularly the role family played in my life and how that has affected me. Growing up as a mix male (African American, Native American, and French Creole) and the middle child of 11 children proved to be very interesting and beneficial; it gave me the sense that I had a strong support system, protection, and opportunity to learn. Since I was the middle child I had 6 older siblings, 3 were boys and 3 were girls. I spent a lot of time...

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