Outsourcing Jobs

Outsourcing Jobs

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The Effects of Out Sourcing Jobs

Elizabeth Cardona


Axia College University of Phoenix

November 2, 2008

Did you know everyday Americans fall victim to companies outsourcing his or her job to a foreign country? This practice alone has a domino effect to every working American and the economy itself. Outsourcing jobs to foreign countries is bad for the economy because it increases government aid, and reduces jobs for Americans.
Outsourcing jobs affects the American people in many different ways. One effect it has on the American people is the loss of jobs. The loss of a job can affect an individual and his or her family greatly. The loss of a job means the loss of medical coverage and loss of financial income for his or her family. With no medical coverage any member of his or her family can become ill and who would cover the medical expenses? “Hira points out that decoupling health-care plans from the employer and making the plans more portable would be an imporatnat step, since U.S. companies now bear the costs of health care while rivals in countries with governemt-sponsored care don’t.” (Outsourcing; Where’s Uncle Sam? Business Week) As for the financial loss that means scrapping by to pay the house bills, watching what one buys, and separating the needs from the wants.
Jobs that are being outsourced to foreign companies hire individuals who are willing to work for lesser wages. There are those who say the American people need more education to sustain these jobs being outsourced overseas. “It is not a lack of education that is causing American engineers to be replaced by Indian engineers making one fifth of what they do.” (Ed. Louise I. Gerdes 2006) Even those who’s jobs have been outsourced overseas are willing to take a pay cut or accept minimum wage to obtain a job, so that his or her family has some sort of income coming in. “Similarly, telephone call centers, once viewed as an economic development...

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