The Entrepreneurs Marketing Guide Book Report

The Entrepreneurs Marketing Guide Book Report

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Lenee Bernal
Business 117
Dr. Gary W. Lawson

The Entrepreneurs Marketing Guide Book Report
Book written by: Gary W. Lawson Ph.D.

I found this book to be very well thought out and well written. Most business owners should actually have a copy of this book and use it as a guide. The way that the author explains marketing in depth as well as the importance of marketing shows that he really cares about the Entrepreneurs business decisions and how a business should operate in order to be successful. He even went as far as to give in the book the steps and explanations in becoming a successful entrepreneur.
As one may expect, the majority of this book is taken up with marketing tools and ideas for business with limited resources that are struggling. Also give an entrepreneur the knowledge they need to survive, be competitive, goal oriented, and bottom-line focused. Section I, the first section, teaches the entrepreneur the “how to” on the approach to understand and initiate a comprehensive marketing plan. In Section II discusses the internal marketing tools on quality assurance. Quality Assurance is especially important to businesses because the quality of products and services keeps customers coming back. And last, section III explains the reason why external marketing tools are important in a business. Throughout the book Gary W. Lawson explains the importance of marketing and the impact that it can have on a business. I feel the purpose of Gary W. Lawson wrote this book is to try to show the hardships he had went through in order to become a successful business man. Also I feel that he has a strong passion about business and wants to give an entrepreneur the tools to be successful as well.

This book is extremely informative in every way. The few chapters in the beginning were actually the most informative. The Author explains in depth how marketing is an effective tool perpetuate successful business development and how it offers...

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