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Week 5 Project Manager Email Ops 571

Week 5 Project Manager Email Ops 571

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Dear Mr. Gritsch,

Thank you for choosing our team to analyze the three projects your company has proposed. After meeting with my team and analyzing the data of the three projects, we have to come to an agreement that the project your company should invest in is the Juniper project.
Since your company is currently somewhat familiar with the product involved in this project, it will be more efficient and cost effective to continue the enhancement of this product. There are five phases of the project that must take place in order for the project to be a success.
The first phase is the planning phase which includes a product approval and launch of the actual product development process. This also includes a mission statement that includes the target market of the product, business goals, key assumptions and constraints.
The second phase is concept development. This phase is focused more on the needs of the target market, alternative product concepts which will need further testing and development. The concept is key in this phase because it describes the form, function and features of the product that are accompanied by a set of specifications and an economic justification for the project (Jacobs, pg. 74).
The third phase is design detail which entails the specific parts of the product and all standard parts that are needed from the supplier. This process also includes drawings and computer files that describe the geometry of each tool, purchased parts and process plans.
The fourth phase is testing and refinement. This phase is includes construction and evaluation of multiple versions of the preproduction of the product. This is the time when we would be prototypes in order to determine if the product satisfies customer needs.
The final phase is the production ramp-up. The product is made of intended production system. The purpose of the ramp-up is to get the workforce trained and to work out a remaining issues that may arise during the process such as...

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